The K Collective is Born

When you think Kaftan... What is the first think that comes to mind? Comfort?

To expensive? Whilst comfort is certainly true your fashion requirements do not need to break the bank. There will be zero compromise on style at The Kaftan Collective. We will keep you balanced between  Style, elegance and ease in equal measure.                                                                      

Our developing range of ladies will keep you satisfied through all seasons.

With seven signature print ranges already available in an array of colours and styles. Get started with our Demelza racer back maxi's, the luxurious Evelyn Kaftans (my personal favourite) or our Maya One Shoulder Embellished Kaftans. 

Or If wearing a little less is more your style then be seen in our Zara Sheer Kimono's all the way through to our magnificent Oceana Kaftan Tops. With Gabriella and Amelia making up our growing list, all of our lovely ladies have there own story to tell.

Learn more about each individual woman in future Blogs.

Start your very own style story today. With plenty more still in the pipeline including an exciting range of silks not to far away. 

All our items are fully embellished with every effort to ensure you get the best quality has to offer. Our personal love for fashion has seen us sort through numerous types and styles from all over the world. While the search will never really be over as we continue to comb the Earth for that perfect neck line or a piece that shows off your amazing curves.............

Unleash your wild side, Kaftan Tops work perfectly as cover ups, carelessly yet carefully strewn over your beach wear. Get Knotty as your bikini peaks through your sheer Kimono.

All of our items can be worn anywhere, weather it be a casual day on the beach or dressing up to make a statement at your favourite restaurant or step out on the town. Theres no end to the possibilities when you begin your collection with "The Kaftan Collective." 


Always look your best dressed by "The Kaftan Collective."